If you’re planning a journey to the UK then a few places will immediately jump out as classic destinations. London, of course, is a must-see: as one of the globe’s cultural capitals, London has something interesting to do down almost every street. Edinburgh, also, is visited by travellers from around the world for its incredible castle and the immensely popular “Edinburgh Festival”, while York is also a very famous destination, known for it’s history which goes all the way back to the Roman empire. However, if you’re interested in staying away from the tourist traps, then you need look no further. Here are 3 places to visit in the UK which you may never have thought of visiting before.


Probably best known for “Oxford University”, Oxford is a beautiful, small city, approximately 50 miles north-west of London. Oxford has been settled since the Middle Ages, and walking around the city you will see a mixture of architectural styles truly reflective of every period in its history. Of particular note are the various colleges of the university, which are dotted around the city. Each college has its own history and many of them offer open days and tours for members of the public to have a look inside. If you want to stop for some liquid refreshment in Oxford, then “The Eagle and Child”, a traditional English pub, comes highly recommended as the location which used to play host to the literary group known as “the Inklings” (who counted among their number such authors as C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien).


Hull is about as dramatically different from Oxford as a city can be. Stuck out in a remote part of north-east England, Hull (it’s full name is Kingston-upon-Hull, but nobody calls it that) is a city which even many British people would never think about. However, once you arrive in the city, you will find that its charms are bountiful; it’s not for nothing that Hull featured in Rough Guide’s “Top 10 Cities” of 2016. Any visitor to Hull should definitely take a trip to see “The Deep”, one of the best public aquariums in Western Europe, or to one of the many other fascinating museums around the city. Hull is the UK City of Culture 2017, and there are loads of cultural events and activities in the city on every single day of the year. Just take a trip to the “Hull City of Culture 2017” website to find out what will be on when you visit.


Since 1987, the “Cardiff Bay” area of Wales’ capital has undergone an incredibly successful regeneration and is now filled with some of the UK’s best destinations. The Wales Millennium Centre is one of the UK’s best Opera Houses, and the Mermaid Quay is a hotspot of bars, restaurants and cafĂ©s. Venturing away from the bay, you should visit Cardiff Castle, built in the 11th century, which is on the edge of Bute Park, a beautiful green space in the middle of the city.

In Conclusion…

The UK offers a great diversity of places to visit, a diversity which you might never fully appreciate if you never look beyond the most famous tourist destinations. In Oxford, Hull and Cardiff you will gain three different insights into the nation, but this list has only just scratched the surface of what’s available once you leave London. Hopefully you now feel inspired to check out the Britain behind the red phone-boxes and double-decker busses; only by leaving the well-trodden tourist trail can you truly begin to understand what Britain is really about.

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